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Beachcombers Puppy Package

Beachcombers Puppy Package

This service is for all puppy’s new to grooming, to start as soon as their vaccine program completed and they are able to go out. The aim is to gently introduce them to being groomed without causing distress or fear- so I have them in for frequent appointments over a few weeks to get them used to coming in for regular grooms.

Package Breakdown

I will book frequent appointments with you for a Beachcombers Puppy Package, where your puppy can spend time getting used to the grooming room over 6 starter sessions which includes:

  • Consultation with you prior to each session
  • A complete health check
  • Introduction to the grooming room
  • Introduction to the grooming table
  • Introduction to paw and nail touching – to enable nail clipping at a later date
  • Gentle brushing – introduction to the tools used for brushing, combing and de -shedding, to get used to being handled gently all over their body
  • Introduction to the grooming bath -  eventually leading to getting wet and shampooing
  • Introduction to the tools used in hand drying
  • Introduction to the tools required for styling, (if required of the coat type) i.e. clippers/scissors and teaching keeping still for little and often to start with!
  • Spritz spray finish
  • Feedback to you about how the grooming session went, and if anything found on the health check- also advise on how to groom at home


We can book your Beachcombers Puppy Package sessions individually over a period of weeks– to suit you and your dog’s needs.

The current price per half hour session is £11

However, I recommend pre-booking 6 x half hour weekly sessions, at a cost of £40; a saving of 40%.

Terms and Conditiions apply

We guarantee any additional charges will always be fully discussed with you before going ahead with the groom

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