Below is a range of the services at Beachcombers, specially designed to meet your dogs needs. These packages can be tailored around your dog.

Any additional charges will always be fully discussed with you before going ahead with the groom.

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Beachcombers wash and dry

When a quick freshen up is needed or to deal with the results of an unexpected adventure!

Suitable for all short haired breeds and longer haired breeds that are regularly brushed and have maintained a good coat condition.

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Beachcombers wash, dry and tidy

This keeps on top of coats such as the Schnauzer, the silky coat of the Yorkshire Terrier and Cocker Spaniel, but also the high maintenance wool mix coat of the 'poodle cross' breeds, in between their Beachcombers grooms.

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Beachcombers Full Groom

For dogs that require grooming and styling either to their breed standard or to your own preferred style. This would include styles that requires clipping and/or scissoring or hand stripping techniques.

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Beachcombers de-shed treatments

Our Beachcombers De-Shed Treatment takes away excess hair that is shedding or due to shed imminently, making life with your dog less hairy! One of my popular services, especially if going away on holiday or to a dog friendly hotel.

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Beachcombers Puppy Package

This service is for all puppy's new to grooming, to start as soon as their vaccine program is complete and they are able to go out. The aim is to gently introduce them to being groomed without causing distress or fear - so I have them in for frequent appointments over a few weeks to get them used to coming in for regular grooms.

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Additional Treatments

I can build bespoke treatment plans for Beachcomber dogs, especially if you need me to soothe dry, sore skin, repair and condition a sun- bleached, dry, tangled and broken coat, or to help heal, moisturise and nourish the skin of sea- side paw pads.

All products used at Beachcombers are specially designed for dogs skin.

I do not use any human products that would cause irritation or skin problems to your dog. The products I use do not contain bleach, peroxide, steroids or other harmful agents.

Beachcombers de-matting treatment

Price on Consultation

Beachcombers de-tangle and conditioning treatment

From £6

Beachcombers paw treatment

From £5

Beachcombers nail clipping

From £4

Beachcombers coat colour enhancing & whitening treatments

From £3

Beachcombers evening primrose oil treatments

From £2

Beachcombers tear stain treatment

From £20

Beachcombers fresh breath treatment

From £12